Lusaka Zambia Intercontinental Hotel

Lusaka, Zambia's leading hotel company and largest hotel operator, today announced the opening of the newly built Holiday Inn at Arcades Shopping Mall in Dakar, South Africa. This hotel will be part of the Dakars Cliffside Resort, which will be the most sought after community in Senegal and consists of retail stores, offices, apartments and villas with an area of 270,000 m2. The hotel is just 300 metres from the Arcades shopping centre and also close to a number of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and cafés. Nearby are upscale shops, including an excellent pharmacy where you can buy imported cosmetics, as well as a variety of food and beverage stands.

At meals, there is the Savannah Grill Restaurant, which serves a buffet and daily a la carte menu on an indoor terrace by the pool. Noble is a sit-down restaurant with an excellent selection of local and international food and drinks.

The rooms are, as expected, quite large, but the decor is always simple, clear and a little uninspiring. Each double room has enough space for one person, including couch and desk, and can accommodate two people.

With regard to the InterContinental Lusaka Hotel, we knew that a local artist would be interested in providing rooms with framed hanging art. Therefore, Mr. Linder has created various renderings of our prints, which were copied from a processed block print and framed under the pseudonym Randolph Beaumont and signed by him. The prints were to be hung to give the hotel a local personality, and the framed decoration by Mr. Liner allowed the guest rooms and suites to give a personal touch of Zambia and Africa.

Under the direction of Prince, the InterContinental Hotel was designed and created to give guests a sense of local culture, giving the hotel its own personality, which is very much in line with the culture of Lusaka, Zambia and Africa in general.

Mr. Prince has taken this school of thought a step further and worked directly with one of the world's most respected and respected hotel designers, Mr. David Prince Jr., who remains steadfast and to this day has a high level of experience that is hard to find in today's hotel designers market. Locals have embraced the project with open arms, with Prince involving a local artist and master as well as a number of other local artists in the process.

Mr. Tabler Sr. is also known for his work with various other companies, including InterContinental Hotels Corporation (Inc.) and its parent company, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Inc., and has served on the Board of Directors of many projects built in the United States and abroad. The contract with Intercontinental Hotels was terminated in 1972, but Neal Prince continued to employ Joseph Grusczak and James Ray Baker on behalf of Intercontinental Hotels during his tenure. In recent years, Mr. Tabler Jr. has developed a deep knowledge of historic preservation, combined with a deep understanding of the history of hotel design and construction and the design process.

Mark Ross, managing director, said: "We are delighted to bring the Holiday Inn brand back to Lusaka. Our hotel in Egypt is doing really well as a brand at the moment and we owe our success to the staff in the hotel's corporate office.

This development is in line with the growth of the African travel industry and our hotel is well positioned for people who want to invest on the continent and do business in Africa. People travel, whether for business or pleasure, and we make every effort to adapt to the different markets in which we operate, to understand the changing nature of the travel market and the needs of our guests. The opportunity for Africa remains clear and my team And I'm taking this opportunity right across Africa in 2016 and beyond.

A high percentage of international tourist arrivals are directed towards destinations in sub-Saharan Africa. As far as the expansion potential of these markets is concerned, there is always an opportunity that makes business sense. The African continent is seen not only as an investment opportunity, with a growing number of African countries encouraging investment opportunities, but also as a tourist destination.

Although the accommodation landscape is diverse, the branded hotel segment is still growing rapidly and as consumers expect global brands, more and more guests are looking for more personalized and unique travel experiences. Businesses are people, and the Holiday Inn Express brand is geared toward short trips for travelers, whether they are business travelers visiting a meeting destination or weekend tourists exploring a city. As a company that is everything - in - beyond human beings, we must be the right brand to meet the needs of our guests and our customers.

Three hotels with 3,744 rooms are currently being planned, including the InterContinental Dakar in Senegal, which is the first hotel to open in the country. We currently plan to continue to focus on this market as we continue our expansion into Africa, South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa.

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More About Lusaka