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The Zambian Football Federation (FAZ) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Futsal Sports Complex, which aims to promote talent development and youth football. At the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in Lusaka on Tuesday, the Football Association of Africa (FFA) and the Zambian National Football League (ZNL) said the partnership would help restore the quality of football in the country's top league. We are doing everything we can to stay on top of this league, "he told the Olympic Channel channel from his home in Zambia's capital Luanda.

Honestly, it has been a privilege to visit Chiparamba in Lusaka and it is always fascinating to see how the best organizations in football strengthen their communities and their own narratives. In this way sport can truly transform lives and contribute to the sustainable development and future of a nation. Its central contribution is to create a context in which a number of development issues can be addressed.

Giving everyone access to sport is one of the founding principles of Olympism, and the IOC is constantly working to make that vision a reality. The aim is to give athletes the opportunity to develop and improve their skills in a safe, educational and sporting environment. Sport partners, mainly from civil society, will learn how to use this tool to empower communities to participate actively in sport while contributing to the development of their communities. Student volunteers and mentors support the Sport Action Programme in Zambia.

Since 2014, over 100 student volunteers have worked with Sport Action's peer leaders to implement a life skills development programme that directly impacts the lives of over 3,500 young people. In addition, community activities and health programs to combat HIV and hepatitis B, which affect the lives of about 1,000 people, have been implemented. In addition, a health programme for children and adolescents in Zambia, coordinated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), has implemented more than 1,000 health and education programmes.

The project uses sports such as netball, football and volleyball to get young people active, develop their leadership skills and provide opportunities for self-esteem, self-confidence and social skills development. Sport has been recognised by the UN as one of the ways to empower young people, and the ISL believes that the educational experience and the social and physical development of participants must be improved.

For this reason, 6 April is celebrated every year as International Day for Sport Development and Peace. The Zambia International Motor Rally is held in Lusaka, with competitions taking place in a 40-minute drive to and from Lusaka. This rally was won 14 times by Satwant Singh, a Zambian who is also one of the most successful motorsport drivers in the world and a former rally world champion.

The former professional boxer is the first woman in Zambia to play professional football and the 20-year-old was also captain of the team that qualified for an Olympic women's football tournament for the first time in its history. Even more telling was the fact that they beat continental giants Cameroon in the final to secure an automatic ticket to the Olympics. They also finished fourth in the Africa Cup of Nations, which qualified them for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in February.

F founding president Kenneth Kaunda recognized Liwewe's influence on football in the country and awarded him the prestigious Order of Merit in 1977. Compatriot Catherine Phiri became the first African boxer to win the World Boxing Council bantamweight title in 2004, an achievement that inspired Banda. Among the successful boxers are Keith Mwila, who won bronze in the flyweight division at the 1984 Olympics, and Lottie Mwale, who represented Zambia at two Olympics as a light-heavyweight boxer, winning a gold medal in Rio de Janeiro in 1976 and a silver medal in Brazil in 1980.

Although polo cross is a relatively new sport in Zambia, the national team beat world champion South Africa in the 2010 World Cup final. Football is Zambia's most popular sport and the under-20 national team won the Under-20 African Nations Cup in 2012 and won their first Africa Cup of Nations in 2013. When Zambia won Africa's Cup of Nations in 2012, some even threatened to retire from football if they commented on their retirement, such as former national coach and former FIFA president John Kaunda.

That's why we are so proud to be associated with Zed United, the UK-based Zambian Diaspora Football Team, which brings communities together through sport. DfAD has supported ZedUnited in the past and we are delighted to support them again this year as it will make a huge contribution to strengthening Zambia's Diapora youth in the UK through sport. In addition to supporting the team, we will also donate sports equipment to a number of Zambian diospora organisations to promote access to sport and help increase the participation and participation of Zambian youth in sports such as polo cross, football and football in Zambia UK. In addition to providing our own equipment for the ZZ United team and the DIAZ team, we will also be happy to contribute to the development and development of other sports and activities in our community.

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