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Everyone on the continent flocks to South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya for their safaris, and are willing to pay a fortune for the famous names and national parks there. Zambia is one of the few African countries that guarantees a complete pantheon of African wildlife, whether in a fenced-off or not.

The Victoria Falls Bridge spans the mighty Zambezi River and forms the land border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, directly downstream of the falls themselves. The visa also allows you to enter Botswana on the same day you return from Zambia and Zimbabwe. After crossing western Zambia, we returned to Zimbabwe, where we were part of the Zulu-Zimbabwe border crossing, where you can fall more than 120 meters to the edge of the Victoria Falls. From there it flows through the national parks of the country and into Zimbabwe, before it flows again over the river and forms the border with Zimbabwe on the other side. Activities: Return from Zimbabwe to Zambia in a few hours and back to South Africa the next day.

The visa can be purchased at a number of ports of entry, including the Victoria Falls Bridge, the Zimbabwe-Zambia border crossing and the Zulu-Zimbabwe border crossing points, as well as at the Zambezi Falls National Park and its entrance to the National Park.

The other option is to fly from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Lusaka, from where you can fly to Zimbabwe via the airport at the Zulu-Zambia border crossing or directly via the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border crossing. The other options are connections to Zambezi Falls National Park and the Victoria Falls Bridge.

The wonderful Emirates have a flight that connects beautifully with Tanzania, which comes via this flight to Zambia. The ticket costs $180, which is damn expensive for such a short flight, but the journey takes only two hours. Proflight releases its fireworks four to six weeks before departure, which are almost twice as expensive as a scheduled flight and almost twice as expensive as a scheduled flight.

Zambia and Zimbabwe are, of course, different countries with different histories and cultures, but I have the feeling that the experience of travelling alone in both countries is similar, especially in terms of security arrangements. Zambia seems to have a really high number of drunks compared to other South African countries I have visited.

I think Zambia is a wonderful African destination for solo travellers, but if you choose a destination for your African adventure, you should take into account the safety precautions and quality of food and the environment. I have also met other women in Zambia who are also travelling alone in the country, and I think there are many opportunities for them. Women travelling alone in Zimbabwe: I am also lucky enough to have been involved in some solo trips to Zambia, so there is no shortage of stories of other women in Africa travelling alone.

Why not consider travelling to Egypt on your way to Zambia or visiting one of the other countries in the region, such as Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda or Tanzania? Livingstone can even be used for a few days and it is easy to reach a number of tourist attractions such as the African National Museum and the African Museum. Either way, you can't miss a great opportunity to visit this beautiful country with its beautiful scenery, beautiful people and good food.

The catch is that most flights take off and land from Lusaka, so you'll rebook almost every trip and fly back to the capital. Some flights start already on boarding and most forget Zambia in our travel guide.

After receiving your e-mail, the staff of your embassy or consulate will decide which travel documents you need based on your itinerary. It may take longer for the Foreign Office to decide that you need a new regular passport or identity card instead, because the country you are supposed to travel to does not accept your Dutch laissez faire emergency passport. Contact your embassies and consulates in general to discuss where and when to apply for an emergency travel document.

If you need to travel immediately for medical or humanitarian reasons and your travel document has expired, you may need to apply for an emergency ID. The hs-sign health declaration form issued by the Chinese Embassy in Zambia will only be available to passengers boarding flights in transit countries. Foreign passengers must provide their e-mail address and request a health declaration form before boarding a direct flight to China.

Visitors to Zambia must be at least 18 years old and no older than 30 years of age on the day of departure. Visitors from South Africa, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Tanzania and Mozambique can obtain a tourist visa. Zambian visas are valid and can be obtained free of charge upon entry of citizens of South Africa and Zimbabwe. Day Tripper Visas are issued only if the visitor enters Zambia for less than 24 hours and leaves the same port within 30 days of arrival.

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More About Lusaka